We're a small team whose love of beer and Oxted has been the main driver to launching this Brewery in Oxted with our primary Goal is to deliver outstanding beers to the area while having some fun doing it..
The story started back in May 2015 (well it really started a long, long time ago in a pub in Warlingham, but anyway) when we ordered the new Brewery from a UK manufacturer and since then everything has been focussed on trying to get the Brewery up and running and begin brewing the Exceptional beers we were aspiring to make.
A shed, anadmittedly large shed, was built alongside our house in Oxted to house the Brewery with the key hope being that our neighbours might well welcome a supply of fresh beer on their doorstep.
About the time the call came in October 2015 that the Brewery was ready for collection, I had got talking to a Local Farmer about our plans and we agreed it would be a much better idea if The Brewery were based on the Farm.
It was a stroke of luck and a way to accelerate the launch of our brewery so, in November 2015 The Oxted Brewery was up and running in a 16th Century Oak Barn
So, whats been happening since then?
We been busy perfecting our full range of beers ready for our launch and we're pleased to annouce that we've created 4 great beer recipes our first beer was launched at The Crown Inn, Old Oxted.
Once we get through the rigmarole of getting a Premises licence we'll be offering you our Brewery Fresh beer from both the Brewery at Flower Farm and the Farm Shop itself - watch this space
Looking back, what have we learnt? Well mainly that Brewing is indeed fun, admin isn't and our overall hope is that you choose to enjoy our beer or join us at one of our beer evenings and become a part of our Beer-centric adventure.
In the meantime, a big thank you for everyone's support to date.... and, finally,  if you have any thoughts on what you'd like to see the Oxted Brewery to become, please do get in touch